Our Goal is to enlighten and encourage our Governors and State legislators to pass an Economic Security Act in our States. By restoring gold and silver as lawful money, our Governors and State legislators will be upholding their sworn oath to the Constitution, specifically guaranteed to the People by Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution for the United States.

Passing an Economic Security Act in the States, will provide We the People with economic freedom through our just powers that are guaranteed to us by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Pure Grains of Gold, LLC, is proposing business owners, individual and the States adopt a new "monetary unit" that is commonly recognize and trusted, serving as an alternative to the FED dollars.

Business owners that wish to, could price their goods/services in both gold or silverĀ "monetary units" as well as the $ "monetary units" as they currently do.

What gold and silver "monetary units" should we choose?

  • There are troy "ounces" (oz), which are commonly used around the world as a standard weight of gold/silver. (480 grains =1 troy oz.)
  • There are "grams" (g). This weight is popular in Europe. It may be fine for Europeans, since the Europeans have embraced the metric system such as liters, meters, grams, kilograms, etc. BUT Americans have rejected the metric system, even after years of government spending to try to get us to use this system.
  • Then there are "grains" (gr).

We are proposing using "grains" or "ounces" as the weight of measure. Designating prices in either ounces (Oz), Grains of Gold (GrG) or Grains of Silver (GrS) This is the American "unit" of money as defined in the 1792 Coinage and Minting Act. The "Grain" is the smallest common denominator of the older silver 371.25 (GrS) coins and the current American Eagles 480 (GrS). The same is true with the older and current gold coins or bullion bars (GrG).

Our company will be using proprietary, 21st century technology to manufacture these new (GrG) and (GrS). We currently have a patent pending at the USPTO and are looking forward to sharing this innovation with the States and business owners and individuals once "manufactured". Our inovation has 24 (GrG) to a booklet (1/20 Oz), 20 booklets to a box (1 troy Oz.) . Each of these (GrG) is the size of a FED note and about the thickness of aluminum foil. These "booklets" can be carried around much like checkbook is today. Each (GrG) is equivalent to about $4 and are perforated on the back, where you can tear off .25 (GrG) which is equivalent to about $1. The (GrG) therefore make a very practical and accurate way to price goods/services. They compliment all the minted gold and silver coins.

If you are a business owner or individual and would like to use these Pure (GrG) or Pure (GrS) you can pre-enroll now by signing up here.


Pure Grains of Gold, LLC